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Pylon Signs

Pylon Monument Sign
Pylon Sign

Build your business with a Pylon sign!

The U.S. Small Business Association conducted a five year survey of over 400 businesses and 6000 consumers. These businesses had just installed a new sign and customers surveyed were there for the first time. They were asked, "How did you learn about us?" A staggering 49% came through the door because of the new sign!

An added bonus is on-premise signs are by far the most cost effective way to advertise your company.

Pylon signs at your business:
- Provide you with the most visibility to potential customers
- Improve visibility from a distance
- Provide a longer viewing window to commuters
- Improve recall and return customers
- Can be customized to virtually any shape and color

  • Avery Certified
  • G7 Master
  • ISA
  • Member PDAA
  • 3M Endorsed
  • 3m
  • Member AIA
  • Member AAF
  • sgia
  • 3M MCS Warranty